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Reservoir Media has announced a new global publishing deal with Joe Walsh, a member of American rock bands James Gang and the Eagles. The deal includes hits from his time in both groups and his catalog as a solo artist and for his future work.

Walsh cemented his stardom as the frontman and hitmaker of the James Gang, whose first three albums all made appearances on the Billboard Top 200 in the late 1960s and early 1970s. These albums featured several tracks co-written by Walsh, such as the songs “Funk #49” and “Walk Away.” In 1975, he became an international phenomenon as a member of the Eagles and the first album to feature Walsh was 1976’s “Hotel California.”

On signing with Reservoir, Walsh said, “It is such a pleasure to be partnered with a team who are hands-on and personal and who have shown their passion for and dedication to my work. I look forward to a great partnership and future with Reservoir.”

In addition to his success with the Eagles, Walsh earned acclaim as a solo artist, releasing 11 albums including “The Smoker You Drink,” “The Player You Get,” and “But Seriously Folks,” which feature co-writes by Walsh. He’s won five Grammy awards and was also inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his contributions.